What’s that SmEll(ison)?

So, I’m working away, thinking my little programmer thoughts, when I notice I have a Java update available for the Winblows box that I’m forced to use while on-site at this particular customer location (to do email, Office and SharePoint, ostensibly). I love Java, so I’m all, “Sure, dude, let’s spin that up!”

The update has just begun when I run across a message that – unless I uncheck the “Ooo, I’d love to install this unknown product” box – will install something called Carbonite. Apparently it’s a backup utility, and applying the Java update by default (meaning you blast through the install and don’t bother to read every screen) installs a 30 day trial of this product. I’m sure it’s a fine product (see what I just did there? I’m practicing in case I ever decide to go into politics), but NO THANKS. Oh, and I’m equally sure it’s a snap to uninstall (I just did it again there).

Now that Oracle owns Java, is this the sort of thing we can expect?

In case you’re wondering, I did NOT install the update. The whole thing is rather irritating.


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