Pervasive Follows Apple Out Of India – “Tim-may!” (with apologies to SouthPark)

Ran across an article about Pervasive in Computerworld, and found a link to a
Network World article about the same topic. Seems that there is ever increasing employee turnover, increasing labor costs and insufficient management bandwidth to keep the operation going. In another post on this, the most important blog you will ever read, I noted from another Computerworld article that the boom continues for Indian outsourcing firms. This reminds me very much of the boom times in the late 90s where job turnover was high (along with salaries). But it can’t last forever. As labor costs continue to rise in India, the main value proposition of outsourcing (i.e., onshore labor cost savings) will continue to diminish until even the most braindead board will not want to continue throwing away their shareholders’ money as they are now.
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“Prenuptials For Offshoring” – Computerworld January 23, 2006

I read an article in Computerworld’s January 23 issue titled “‘Prenuptuals’ For Offshoring” and it made me think. Those of you who know me know that I’m no fan of offshore outsourcing. This article talks about things to put in your offshoring contract. Apparently it ain’t all that easy to get your money out of these folks if things turn sour. The expert quoted in the article (an attorney) recommends putting lots of escape clauses in the contract so you can get out of a bad relationship (or if you’ve committed lots of business to the particular outsourcing company, get out of the parts that are going south without having to sacrifice the relationship). Continue reading ““Prenuptials For Offshoring” – Computerworld January 23, 2006″