A Strange Juxtaposition

A departure from my usual rantings but I had to comment on the rise of the next American Tour hopeful Floyd Landis. It was really cool to see him being paced up the side of L’Alpe D’huez by Axel Mercx, the son of the greatest cyclist who ever lived, Eddie Mercx. It was really neat. Axel didn’t last all that long, but still it was cool to watch. I admit, I’m a Euro-cycling geek. I don’t follow all the races, but I always watch the tour (thanks to DVR!).

Maybe Floyd Landis will be the next Tour legend from America. Maybe he won’t. It was just cool to watch Axel drop back from a breakwaway to pace our man Floyd up the side of the most famous climb in cycling. And at the end, Floyd is in yellow. Whoa.

American cycling is on the rise. I’m thinking of getting my kids to do cycling instead of playing soccer. But, then, what would we do with all those “soccer mom” stickers? “Cycling Mom” ?? It doesn’t really have the same appeal, does it? Hmmmmm


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