Node.js Learning Path – Unit 3: Node.js Architecture

Hey everyone! If you want to learn Node.js, then check out my Node.js Learning Path, which you can find only at IBM Developer.

Unit 3 of the Learning Path starts with an overview of the Node.js architecture: the Node API, the Node Core, the Event Loop, and the JavaScript engine (Chrome’s V8 engine).

You’ll learn about ECMA Script (ES), and how the different versions get their names (Q: is it ES6 or ES2015? A: Yes).

You’ll learn the key to Node’s impressive scalability (spoiler alert: non-blocking I/O via the Event Loop), and even write some code using the Node Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL).

You’ll also get a tour of Node’s package manager, npm.

There’s even a video (just when you thought it couldn’t get any better):

Click here to start your Node journey, or here to jump right to Unit 3 of the Node Learning Path.

Thanks for reading!