It’s Google Air!

You loved Google Search. You went wild for Google Earth, iGoogle and GMail. Just when you thought Google had innovated everything there is to innovate, we brought you Google Maps, Google Desktop and Google Mobile!

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U.S. Government to Outsource NASA to China

In a surprising move to people with a clue, the United States government announced today that it will outsource functions currently performed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to China. At a joint U.S./Chinese press conference in Beijing, a Chinese government spokesman was quoted as saying, “Is historic for U.S. and China and be huge step for relation. Our two country share lot and can say in same thing way too.” President Bush, on hand for the announcement replied, “I’m here today to talk about China.”

The Chinese space program has shown progress lately, launching an unmanned probe to orbit and study the moon. Early this century, the Chinese have made enormous advances in space technology, launching a man into orbit and bringing him safely to Earth, as shown in this 2005 photograph.

Chinese orbit the Earth

Seriously, I’m not making this part up…Read the article here

When asked for comment, a U.S. government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the current trend in IT outsourcing was used as a model, and that the “purely boneheaded reasoning to base such critical business function purely on the basis of cost as is done in IT did not play a factor here.” When reminded that the U.S. put a man in orbit more than 45 years ago, and that outsourcing America’s space agenda to a country that is just now doing that might be viewed as some as a step backwards the official said, “What do you know about science? There you liberal media people go again. I’m mean, no comment.”

A phone call to NASA headquarters was not immediately returned.