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Are You a Java Developer?

If you are a Java developer, or know one, or can spell Java, or drink coffee, you need the new Log4J Shortcut from O’Reilly! It’s only 5 bucks (the price of a frapa-moco-latteccino from Starbucks – well, if you get whipped cream and sprinkles on it, but who doesn’t?!?). And you can get it here .

Seriously, though, every time I need to do something with log4j that I’ve never done before, or have forgotten how to do (and don’t have an example to copy and modify), I start Googling around the internet looking for an example, and usually come up with nothing. Then I get the source code and start poking around in that (but only if it’s been so long since I last did that, that I’ve forgotten how painful it is to do). I think most developers are in this boat, and MUCH of the power of log4j goes unexploited as a result.

When O’Reilly asked me to do a ShortCut on log4j I was all, “Hey, man, does anybody use log4j directly anymore (because of Jakarta Commons)?” and “It’s so simple, why would you need another book on it?” and “There is a book on it, right?” As it turns out, you can buy Ceki’s (the log4j creator) book for around $20.00. I did. And I’d rather take my chances with a Google search. The information is not well organized, and the examples really really (really) suck. I wanted to write a guide to log4j configuration. Using log4j is dead simple. It’s configuring it that always gives me the heeby jeebies.

So, if you want to ramp up your log4j game, you need this Short Cut.

Now, please forward this to everyone you know, and Bill Gates might send you that $75 you’ve been waiting on. I’m just saying… it could happen.

Wicket Book

I want to write another book. The topic: Wicket. This has got to be one of the coolest UI frameworks around. I think this thing is really picking up speed. It’s an Apache project, so you know it’s great (open source rules!). There are 2 mainstream (Manning and Apress) books and one self-published book on it. I’ve asked O’Reilly to let me write the O’Reilly book on Wicket. I’m waiting to see what they say. I hope they say yes.

If they don’t, no problem. There are tons of outlets for my creative juices. And they’re flowing now. Sounds gross, but it’s gonna be gnarly.

You heard it here first.

Reading List

Living Buddha, Living Christ

Living Buddha, Living Christ - Cover

I don’t know where to start with this one. It makes so much sense, I’m amazed that it ever got published. Thich Nhat Hanh really understands the concept of religious diversity, which means the path to God just might not be as narrow as we’ve been led to believe. Acceptance of others and their religious views can lead to peaceful dialogue, if both parties can only shed or shelve their insecurities in their own beliefs (which is arguably the main taproot of fanaticism to begin with).

Let’s just say it’s quite a different view than, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.”

Light on Life

Light on Life - Cover

I’m kind of a yoga nut. This is a really good book, that I think Iyengar meant for the mainstream, but most people aren’t going to get it. Yoga philosophy is beyond most Americans. If you’re wondering, “How do compassion, selflessness and discipline help me get a bigger house/SUV/job/etc.?” then you’re probably in the wrong place (try, but thanks for making my point. If not, check it out. But I’ll warn you, it’s pretty dense. Iyengar has nicely simlified the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, but it’s still pretty chewy. But, come on, you can make a diamond only so small before it loses its luster.

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