Node.js Learning Path: Unit 6 – Your First Node Program

Hey everyone! If you want to learn Node.js, then check out my Node.js Learning Path, which you can find only at IBM Developer.

Unit 6 simulates a real project, where you are brought in to finish an application called The Shopping List, that was only partially completed by another developer.

Here’s what you’ll learn in Unit 6:

  • The application’s business requirements in the form of user stories
  • How to run the application’s functional tests, so you know when your code works (and when it doesn’t) – in other words, Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
  • The application’s data model
  • How to load the application’s data – from the Open Grocery Database Project – into a SQLite database
  • How to write, configure, and run REST services using Node
  • How to use the VSCode debugger to interactively debug your code

Unit 6 also has a quiz (are you seeing a theme here?), and a video to help you get your computer setup to run the functional tests:

Ready to dive into your first Node application? Then click here to jump right to Unit 6.

Want to take the entire course? Then click here to start at the beginning, with Unit 1.

Either way, have fun, good luck, and thanks for reading!



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