Node.js Learning Path: Unit 5 – The Event Loop

Hey everyone! If you want to learn Node.js, then check out my Node.js Learning Path, which you can find only at IBM Developer.

The Event Loop is the key to Node’s scalability.

Unit 5 of the LP is about the Event Loop, and in it you’ll learn stuff like:

  • The phases of the Event Loop
  • How to write code that runs in the various phases (so you know when your code will run)
  • The Node Events API
  • Node Streams

There’s a quiz to help you deepen your understanding of the material, and a video too:

Ready to dive into the Node Event Loop? Then click here to jump right to Unit 5.

Want to take the entire course? Then click here to start at the beginning, with Unit 1.

Either way, have fun, good luck, and thanks for reading!



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