Node.js Learning Path: Unit 4 – Basic Concepts

Hey everyone! If you want to learn Node.js, then check out my Node.js Learning Path, which you can find only at IBM Developer.

Unit 4 of the LP gives you an introduction to the basic concepts you need to know when working with Node. Stuff like:

  • Sychronous versus asynchronous programming
  • Node’s module system, npm, and using third-party packages
  • Load testing using Apache bench, and loadtest
  • The Pyramid of Doom (I’m not making this up)

And lots more. I’ll even show you how to create a Node module (something you’ll do a LOT, trust me).

There’s a quiz to help you deepen your understanding of the material, and a video too:

Ready to dive into Node.js concepts? Then click here to jump right to Unit 4.

Want to take the entire course? Then click here to begin with Unit 1.

Either way, have fun, good luck, and thanks for reading!



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