Meanwhile, Back at the Cloud Alliance…

I’m staying away from Cloud Computing for now. But sometimes I wonder if I’m making the right decision, or if I should just get my head in the Cloud. Especially after I see articles like this one in InformationWeek Online.

It describes an alliance of vendors (so far so good) called the Open Data Alliance for Cloud Users, who are getting together under the guidance of Intel (um, okay, go on) to discuss standards for interoperability.

So, let me get this straight. A bunch of companies (among whom are Deutsches Bank, UBS and JP Morgan) are going to get together and figure out how to interoperate? Holy CORBA, Batman, I think this is really gonna work!

Okay, I’m a skeptic (you may have picked up on that). When I see stuff like this I start thinking, “Okay, what’s up?” As in, “What’s REALLY up?” I have no idea. I’m just gonna go back to my cube and write some Java code. Forget I brought it up. 🙂


Note: you can also read this post here.


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