Different is Good (right?)

I keep seeing that word: process (or sometimes, processes) . This time it’s in an article from InformationWeek, talking about the top 5 trends in IT in the coming year. Number one on the list is innovation, which the article’s author argues may have never left, but what is different this time around is that “some companies are attempting to codify the processes through which innovation can be nurtured.”

Granted, this is more of a business-focused article, but the word keeps popping up. I wonder if even the business types aren’t seeing the value of doing things differently, rather than just doing different things.

So is there value in doing things a different way (i.e., making the process better)? Or should we all just work harder? Do more with less? Rightsize it? Focus on our key competencies to leverage synergies within and among multiple business units to maximize shareholder value?

(Wow, my gibberish spewing machine really kicked into overdrive on that last one.)

What do you think?



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