I’m Going Deep!

I can’t seem to shut this thing off between my ears, and so today I started thinking about rules, which triggered some thoughts of using a production system (CLIPS in this case) on a Telecom project I was involved with a few years back. See, I really like to understand things at a deep level. So, I’m dusting off my understanding of the Rete algorithm, which forms the basis of production systems. Suddenly I thought, “Do I really need to understand rules at this (the algorithm) level to be an effective architect?”

I’m sure some (if not all) of you know what I mean about wanting to dive down DEEP into the “thing” we’re looking into. And my question isn’t, “Does that help us be effective architects?” but rather “Does that hurt our effectiveness as architects?”

We all have a finite amount of time to devote to putting an architecture together. So how are we spending that time? I find myself resisting the urge these days to go deep into a subject so that I can look at the overall picture. This means, basically, I have to trust that the intellectual investment in the widget I’m looking at gets the job done.

Or does it? Am I copping out? Or do we reduce our effectiveness as architects by trying to go too deep into every component?

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you. C’mon, post a reply. I won’t mind. 🙂



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