It’s Google Air!

You loved Google Search. You went wild for Google Earth, iGoogle and GMail. Just when you thought Google had innovated everything there is to innovate, we brought you Google Maps, Google Desktop and Google Mobile!

Does your old air leave you flat? Does this ever happen to you: you breathe in, breathe out and it feels great! But 2-5 seconds later you have to do it all again. What a drag! There’s got to be a better way!

Introducing new Google Air! It’s the revolutionary air from Google, the company that’s bringing you everything. With one whiff of Google Air, you don’t need to breathe but once every 60 seconds. Amazing! The secret is in the patented filtration nanites. They enter your lungs, providing you with clean oxygen, while at the same time destroying harmful chemicals like carbon dioxide, saving you time you would normally spend breathing out. You’ll never breathe the same way again!

And if you call within the next 30 seconds, we’ll double your order. That’s two orders of Google Air for the price of one. Unbelievable!

Act now, supplies are downloading fast!


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