My soul sighs its icy breath.
Something is misplaced.
She breathes me in.
I breathe her out.
In her eyes, countless yesterdays vanish.
Like Spring’s first warm breeze she laughs,
And encircles me for a moment;
My soul’s chill thaws,
Bathed in hope’s Sun, then…
Gone again.
A beautiful dream.
Gone again.

Some People Are Just Never Wrong

The only thing more difficult than apologizing for something I’ve done wrong is to make that apology to a self-righteous jerk. You know, one of those kind of apologies where there is equal blame, but where the SRJ stands across from you – arms folded – and says, “It’s so nice that you can admit when you’re wrong.”

It’s a leveling of pride I’m not fond of, but what a learning experience. I want to thank this person for the opportunity to practice humility. Now I’m free. And they have to be THEM for the rest of their lives. Who’s coming out ahead here? 🙂

I’m Gonna Work In Support

Okay, I’m practicing for work in support once my job is outsourced to China.  Here was a recent exchange I had with a customer:

Dear Support,

I am reporting the following error on my account:

Task ‘xxx.xxx@xxxx.com – Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC0F) : ‘The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).’

And here was my reply:

Thanks you, Customer, for recent the email of you.
We have diagnose and nice the potent problem of report you made. The reason
for error were:

Disk run low on volume /home

The problem has correct and your situation is standard at this time.
Thank are many to you for contact support.

Best oef greeting,
Whoe Support Team (now outsourced to China)

And the cool thing is, I think they believed I was actually in support! I’m so excited! I have so finely dulled my grammar and phrasing that I can work for any 2rd world support organization. Gosh, I miss software development, though. If only I could find a way to convince someone to pay me $10/hour for poor quality work that I could get them to pay me 4-5 times to redo – at $10/hour, of course – and blame them (of course) for poor requirements as the cause of all my rework.

Thank you my blog read. Please have is day nice please. That’ll be $10. 100 times.