Disgusting Weasels – We Need Them

Okay, this may sound strange, but the lying, disgusting weasels in our lives are actually good for us.  Having said it, I realize it sounds REALLY strange, but it’s true.  People like them (and we all have them in our lives) help us to practice being good people.

I don’t know about you, but I get complacent.  Things start going well, I get lazy and then, BOOM, I’m a lying, disgusting weasel.  Well, maybe it’s been a while since I’ve slid THAT far down, but my point is that it (backsliding) happens.  So, when these hideous reprobates get mixed in with our lives, it allows us to practice NOT RESPONDING IN KIND to their disgusting-weaselness.

And I don’t mean we let these useless sacks of s*** step on us.  What I mean is that their presence in our lives allows us to practice principles to become better people.  For example, if I am trying to become more patient, I’m not suddenly struck patient one day!  Rather, I’m given the chance to be patient: in traffic, with my children, or even, you know, in dealing with a disgusting weasel.

So, if all the disgusting weasels in my life suddenly moved to, I dunno, say, Alaska, I’d no longer be able to practice being a good person (and no, being good and kind to other good and kind people doesn’t count…).  Then I might revert to being one myself.  And you might be writing about me.


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