Wicket Book

I want to write another book. The topic: Wicket. This has got to be one of the coolest UI frameworks around. I think this thing is really picking up speed. It’s an Apache project, so you know it’s great (open source rules!). There are 2 mainstream (Manning and Apress) books and one self-published book on it. I’ve asked O’Reilly to let me write the O’Reilly book on Wicket. I’m waiting to see what they say. I hope they say yes.

If they don’t, no problem. There are tons of outlets for my creative juices. And they’re flowing now. Sounds gross, but it’s gonna be gnarly.

You heard it here first.

Thought for the Week

I’m in the world to play the role He assigns: facing each moment with calm awareness and clarity of thought, divorcing my thoughts (and hence my actions) from selfishness, self-pity and feelings of guilt and remorse, I can be effective in carrying out His will.

My life changes each moment as awareness of my role and its place in the world help me see what it is I’m really here to do.

Selfishness and anger play no part in a true spiritual life.