Get Used to Disappointment

It’s kind of sad when people have to pick sides. Us vs. Them. He-said/She-said. Is you is or is you ain’t? That type of thing.

But, it’s a fact of life. You have to decide where to stand. You see stuff going on, and you take a stand. I’ve done that recently, and the people on the other side are trying to bully me into changing my mind. Not gonna happen, folks. You’ve been misled by your champion, so I forgive you in advance (holy s—, can I do that?).

One day the truth will come out. Unless it doesn’t. Either way, I’m alright. I’m like Arjuna. This whole thing has me down. Dejected, you might say. But like Arjuna I’ve been counseled. Not by Krishna (though, who knows?), but counseled all the same. And it’s time to get it on. Because it’s all alright.


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