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12 key Matrix-Enabled Keypad Project

Posted in Electronics on January 23, 2008 by jstevenperry

— Update —
It only took two years (I’ve been a little busy) but I got this working on my Javelin stamp. The code is ugly. I have to refactor it to make it generic. But it works. Here’s the setup, and me pushing the 7 key (the keypad I got from All Electronics doesn’t have the numbers, so imagine this keypad looks like a telephone touch tone keypad):

The Setup

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Not a Bad 200 Yard Group

Posted in Shooting on January 7, 2008 by jstevenperry

Shot this one Saturday (1-5-08) in pretty windy conditions. This is the same load as I used to shoot the group I posted earlier on this site. 77 grain Sierra match King .223 bullet, 24.0 grains of Hodgdon Varget powder in a Lapua case with Federal Gold Match primer. Here it is:


That’s a nickel. I think I may have found my load. At least I’ve found my bullet. Sierra Match King 77g.

And just for clarification… I was thinking that I could just shoot a bazillion shots at a piece of paper, pick five that are close together, and show those here. I don’t do that. Groups are shot 5 at a time. Any 5 shot group I show was shot as a group (i.e., consecutively). Of course, I could cheat. But I don’t.