On giving advice: draw from your own experience

Or you just look stupid. I recently received some advice from someone on a topic with which they have no experience. Yet this individual felt qualified to offer me advice from something they read in a Book.

I’ve also learned that when you pray for help improving a character quality (in this case patience) you will at some point (in this case out of the blue) be provided with the opportunity to practice that quality.


2 thoughts on “On giving advice: draw from your own experience

  1. I soo understand where you’re coming from on this point. Never take advice from someone that has read something from a book or didn’t read something from a book, to even consider taking advice from anyone is totally rediculous. You are your own person and YOU know what you want, damn the rest of them. You shouldn’t have to be patient with anyone. Let me know how it works for you.

  2. The really cool thing about the incident which prompted this post is that it gave me the chance to practice patience, which I took and did rather well (if I may say so myself).

    But it got me to thinking about giving advice. It should come from what you know. Not what you think you know.

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