Best Group Yet

I’ve been dabbling with benchrest shooting for a couple of months, and have discovered a whole new way to enjoy going to the shooting range. Pistols are great – don’t get me wrong – but there’s something about benchrest shooting that appeals to the control freak in me. Here’s a 5 shot group at 100 yards I shot back in August using a hand loaded 77 grain Sierra match king bullet with my Savage model 12 Rem .223 Long Range Precision Varminter:



Of course, this speaks more to the rifle than to my ability to shoot it. It has a Leupold Mark IV 8-25x scope with mil dot reticle (don’t ask how much it cost). The rifle has a 7″ twist and a 26″ barrel (which is why I used such a heavy bullet – for a .223, that is).

Fun stuff.

On giving advice: draw from your own experience

Or you just look stupid. I recently received some advice from someone on a topic with which they have no experience. Yet this individual felt qualified to offer me advice from something they read in a Book.

I’ve also learned that when you pray for help improving a character quality (in this case patience) you will at some point (in this case out of the blue) be provided with the opportunity to practice that quality.