JMX Back From the Dead

No, the Java Management Extensions (JMX) hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ve just forgotten about it for a while. Well, I’m planning to write a second edition to my book, Java Management Extensions (O’Reilly 2002). But I’m going to post the chapters here on my blog, so anyone can read them. My editor at O’Reilly said a couple of years ago that the book sold so poorly that O’Reilly isn’t interested in doing a second edition. So, I say, fine, I’ll do it myself. And it’ll be free. Due to copyright crap, I won’t be publishing any of the first edition here. Not to worry. I’ll post enough new stuff to have you doing JMX remoting in your sleep.

I need ideas for a sample application. Right now I’m thinking of the Java Pet Store for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is freely available. But I’m open.

Look out, world. JMX is back.


2 thoughts on “JMX Back From the Dead

  1. Hi Steve,
    I am currently doing a research on JMX for My Masters. Regarding your comment on the book I bought that book and it was very informative and good. It didnt sell only because JMX was known to very few people. Even now very few people know JMX.. But it is gaining popularity now. I normally buy oreilly because I believe it is very easy to read.

    Im software engineer working for British Telecom in UK. Today I searched with your name on the google and I am lucky that You have your blog.

    I have a few doubts on classloaders in JMX.. Can I write these doubts here or if you can provide your e-mail Id I will write to you..

    Also I am intersted in contributing to your pet store.. Could you please give bit details about your thoughts like what kind of mangement you are thinking to demonstrate and so on..


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