An Argument For Cloning?

This is pretty cool: MSNBC reports on a study by the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine where volunteers got several cuts, and were then given a concentrated “goo” made from their own blood consisting mostly of platelets. The study found that the wounds healed around 10% faster than they would have naturally (sans goo). Interesting.

It got me to thinking:

Me #1: “Gee, if my own body’s products can help me heal faster, what does that mean if, say, someday I need an organ transplant? Wouldn’t a clone of my own failing organ work best?”

Me #2: “Shutup, you godless heathen.”

Anyway, I am definitely not in favor of cloning, say, an entire human being. But you have to figure that if we can map the human genome, surely someday we can figure out how to create a new version of, for instance, a kidney (or heart, or lung, or hip joint?). Again, it got me to thinking:

Me #1: “So if we could keep enough controls on DNA research, couldn’t we prevent the kind of rampant abuses of power and lack of accountability that pervade the current administration, while at the same time doing some real good for mankind?”

Me #2: “I’m sorry, what? I’m trying to figure out how to create a useless global conflict to justify the financial interest of my cronies. If only I had a model to follow…”

Me #1: “What?!? I don’t think I like you anymore.”

Me #2: “Hey, pal, if you’re not with me, you’re against me. I answer to noone.”

Me #1: (sigh)

Something to think about…

or not.


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