Quote. Buy. Print. Bite me.

I’m getting tired of the cartoon commercials for Esurance. Who are they marketing to? It’s like Barbie meets James Bond meets The Simpsons. Erin (Barbie) is always the star of some sort of James Bond intrigue/action situation. Her nameless sidekick (Ken) is the “mansel” in distress (or the coach in one episode, but gets hoisted in the air by Erin at the end). She kicks butt and takes names, man. It makes me want some Esurance. The goons are usually robots, whose heads fall off when Erin ultimately thwarts their Hurculean efforts to make car insurance less affordable (the basic plot).

But Erin always wins in the end. That makes car insurance affordable for the rest of us. Right?

I watch too much TV.


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