Quote. Buy. Print. Bite me.

I’m getting tired of the cartoon commercials for Esurance. Who are they marketing to? It’s like Barbie meets James Bond meets The Simpsons. Erin (Barbie) is always the star of some sort of James Bond intrigue/action situation. Her nameless sidekick (Ken) is the “mansel” in distress (or the coach in one episode, but gets hoisted in the air by Erin at the end). She kicks butt and takes names, man. It makes me want some Esurance. The goons are usually robots, whose heads fall off when Erin ultimately thwarts their Hurculean efforts to make car insurance less affordable (the basic plot).

But Erin always wins in the end. That makes car insurance affordable for the rest of us. Right?

I watch too much TV.

Shame on you, Papa John’s (or, “How Italian Meats Trio is the new Franken-Pizza”)

I admit it. I like pizza. And based on the number of pizza commercials out there I don’t think I’m alone. Give me a decent pizza and a cold Dr. Pepper to wash it down any day. That was the plan last night (except the Dr. Pepper was substituted with Diet Coke)… and the pizza? I already had in mind what I wanted. The Papa John’s Italian Meats Trio. I couldn’t find a decent picture link, or I’d include it. Just so you could see how tasty this thing looks. And how tasty it would seem to be, with its combination of artery clogging goodness. So, I ordered said pizza, and waited. For over an hour.

When the pizza got here, I could hardly wait to open the box and begin my feast. That was the last joy I would feel over my much-anticipated epicurean delight.

Oh, man. Was I disappointed. The “pizza” I got resembled the one in the ad precious little. If maybe they had taken recycled versions of the one in the ad, removed about half the meat and built a “Franken-pizza” out of it. Okay, that’s what it was. I think somebody at PJ Corporate had the bright idea to combine all the toppings that weren’t really selling well (Italian Bologna?), throw them in a blender, add a little secret ingredient (barf, maybe?) and charge 12 bucks for it.

I can almost hear the executive conversation:

Exec 1: But who would eat such a nasty looking concoction?

Exec 2: What do you know about marketing?

Exec 1: I want some more stock options.

I think they should call it the “Italian Meats Franken-Trio” and sell it for about half of the $15.36 it cost me (yes, folks, that’s $11.99, plus tax and delivery… they also don’t mention that in the ad, but neither do any of their competitors, so oh well…).

I’m very disappointed and doubt that I shall ever order from them again. I am a victim of false advertising and is my custom, I vote with my feet. Well, and complain to the those of you who read my blog. All dozen or so of you. Okay, I probably counted some of you twice.

Better ingredients? Better pizza? I think not. How about “Recycled ingredients. More expensive pizza. Better Papa John’s stock price.”

Shame on you, Papa John!

This guy has WAY too much free time

I use a newsreader to aggregate some interesting things on the web. This one comes from the “Planet Ubuntu” feed. This guy has written a bunch of songs and recorded them over one 24 hour period. All the money he makes from this endeavor goes to charity (a worthy goal).

Here’s a link to his blog post.

I listened to the first song, “Unfolded Notes” where the vocalist demonstrates his massive 4 note range (think of Mr. Rogers singing Metallica doing a Gregorian Chant). The instrumentals weren’t bad, but I couldn’t get past the vocals.

On second thought, if I didn’t have to make a living and help raise a family, maybe I could do something like this.