One of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard

Apparently some clown thinks opening a chain of restaurants in the vein of “Girls Gone Wild” is a good idea. Okay, I’m with ya so far (as a guy, and as a Dad to two girls, only theoretically). So imagine a whole bunch of yahoos showing up for the opening of this place where they think that they are going to get an eyefull while getting a belly full. Here they are salivating over the, uh, burgers, yeah. When they realize that there is no flashing going on, unlike its multi-million dollar seems-some-drunk-girls-will-do-just-about-anything-for-a-Tshirt industry namesake with which they are so familiar. I can imagine this place will be in business about 2 minutes.

Here’s a link to an MSNBC article on the subject.

I can only imagine how many p—ed off guys there will be. I’m not advocating restaurants where young ladies flash you while you guzzle beer and eat hot wings. But if this doesn’t smack of misleading – and maybe downright false – advertising, I don’t know what does.

Sheesh. What a dumb idea.


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