Five Gallon Bucket Freeway Incident

Tonight I was coming home on the freeway, when traffic (such as it is in Little Rock) started unexpectedly slowing down. Unusual this far from the bottleneck of I630 and I430. Hmm, what’s going on? I figured there was some sort of accident. We slowed to a crawl. For several minutes this went on (for those of you in larger metropolitan areas, I understand that this is not a big deal; I used to live and commute in Atlanta). I was really starting to think there was a major accident.

Finally I saw the cause. It seems that a five gallon bucket had decided that it was time to end it all and heave itself from the confines of the pickup truck in which it was riding. On the inside of the right lane it sat, very close to the shoulder. And traffic slowed to a crawl as unintentional mourners (a) tried to avoid its scarred corpse, and (b) got a REEEEAAAALLLLLL good look at it (hey, nothing like slowin’ down to take a look at a five gallon bucket on the side of the road).

Rubbernecked drivers and five gallon buckets: a combination for a slower commute home.

Caller ID is turning me anti-social

It’s true. And it dawned on me the other day when I picked up the phone (which has the caller ID built into it now, not helping my anti-social tendencies any) and thought, “Okay, who are you (number flashes up). Don’t know ya. (Slam goes the phone back on the cradle).”

Used to be we could screen our calls if someone cared enough to leave a message (telemarketers never did). More people came to live with me, and suddenly, I couldn’t record a funny (or goofy according to my wife) message. Then along came caller ID and suddenly we never had to talk to anyone again. Ever. Leave a message. Maybe I’ll call you back. Maybe I won’t. Of course, noone ever really calls me. Most calls to my house (since I’ve gotten on the “do not freakin’ call me” list, anyways) are for my wife. Or lately, my 10 year old daughter (who’s going on 18 it seems). No calls for me.

So why am I sad? I didn’t really want to answer the phone anyway. I guess I just wanted someone to call ME so I can ignore them. But lately I only get to ignore other people’s calls. Bummer. But if YOU call me I promise I won’t ignore you. What’s your number again?