My son doesn’t quite get my excitement about my new scope

This is a pretty rockin’ scope. 100m MHz. 4 Channels. I’ve tested everything out and it works great. I’m sure it needs a good calibration. All in due time. My son looked at my new scope and said, “It’s got a lot of knobs and stuff, but what can it do?” What an insightful question from a 7-year old. I’ll show him what it can do. You guys (and gals) who know scopes… you know what it can do. I’m giddy. Sorry. Well, sort of… 🙂




5 Responses to “My son doesn’t quite get my excitement about my new scope”

  1. Okay bro…I’m not 7 years old , but I have the same question. What the hell does it do…and oh yeah..dont forget ..this is Donnie you are talking to , so break it down like I’m two beers from being drunk.
    Later dude


  2. (that’s me being speechless)

    (or silently envious)

  3. Donnie: I sent you a reply to your army email.

    Dan: what can I say? I…just…dunno. I’m pretty stoked.

  4. Maddie P. Says:

    Yo Daddy
    Wassup I told this guy in my class that you where good with electronics and he wants to meet you(Laugh Out Loud)He said he would probobly think you where cool.

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