Yeah, she’s nuts

I watched ABC’s The Bachelor tonight. Aw, man!I don’t normally watch this show, but for some reason I decided to watch the show tonight. This crazy nutso doctor named Dr. Allie Garcia-Serra reminded me of how crazy some of these women get on this show. It was hilarious. She was so dejected that she, (gasp), did not get a rose. She confronted the bachelor. (Not sure what she hoped to accomplish but to further ensure he made the right decision by eliminting her) Well, maybe it was something she said…….? Here’s an article that relates just how crazy this chick is. I always laugh at these reality shows, because it seems every season one of the players makes a total ass of themselves. Now, for sure, we don’t get to see everything and we are subject to the editing that occurs (which, to be sure, makes the crazies appear even more so) but this one takes the cake.

Why didn’t he choose her? Well, I guess he saw, um, something… maybe he could picture Dr. Nutso and him re-enacting a scene from Misery.


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