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“Prenuptials For Offshoring” – Computerworld January 23, 2006

Posted in Offshore Outsourcing on January 25, 2006 by jstevenperry

I read an article in Computerworld’s January 23 issue titled “‘Prenuptuals’ For Offshoring” and it made me think. Those of you who know me know that I’m no fan of offshore outsourcing. This article talks about things to put in your offshoring contract. Apparently it ain’t all that easy to get your money out of these folks if things turn sour. The expert quoted in the article (an attorney) recommends putting lots of escape clauses in the contract so you can get out of a bad relationship (or if you’ve committed lots of business to the particular outsourcing company, get out of the parts that are going south without having to sacrifice the relationship). Continue reading

My son doesn’t quite get my excitement about my new scope

Posted in Electronics on January 24, 2006 by jstevenperry

This is a pretty rockin’ scope. 100m MHz. 4 Channels. I’ve tested everything out and it works great. Continue reading

Jonathan Schwartz: “Middleware is history”

Posted in Rants, Software Development on January 24, 2006 by jstevenperry

Sun President Jonathan Schwartz was interviewed recently and had some interesting things to say about the future of middleware. Continue reading

Been Thinkin’ About Open Source Software…

Posted in Open Source, Rants, Software Development on January 23, 2006 by jstevenperry

I like open source software. Throughout history, technological revolution has always brought about mass production. Continue reading

My Electronics Lab.

Posted in Electronics on January 17, 2006 by jstevenperry

Here’s my lab. Continue reading

The Nasonex Bee

Posted in Rants on January 17, 2006 by jstevenperry

What is with the Nasonex Bee, who sounds remarkably like Antonio Banderas? Don’t these folks know that the type of honeybee depicted are all female? Or maybe they are thinking that WE don’t know that. At any rate, it’s annoying. Am I right?

Yeah, she’s nuts

Posted in Rants on January 16, 2006 by jstevenperry

I watched ABC’s The Bachelor tonight. Aw, man! Continue reading