Parmesan Cheese

It seems to me that the Parmesan Cheese container is always very close to empty. So often so that I began to believe that it was sold this way. Well, as it turns out, Parmesan Cheese is sold in a container that is nearly full. Today I was getting ready to make myself a nice little Caesar salad, and when I reached for the Parmesan it was a new container! Almost full to the top!

You think you have the universe figured out, and one day, the Parmesan is full…


One thought on “Parmesan Cheese

  1. I love you and thats funny you have talked to me about that and oh you have a typo under the thing at the top that says jsteven perry, the blog so you might want to fix that soon ???Just reminding you but that is a really funny subject who would have thaught to put that on your blog???

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